About UsWe are pleased to meet you....

We would like to Thank You for your interest in Home Sweet Home Cottage and Ranch. Located in Historic Templeton the property was originally a poultry ranch for many years which encompassed much of the surrounding property. My husband came home one day very excited exclaiming “Honey I found the house of our dreams”. I was very anxious to see my dream home. So, I was very shocked seeing the condition of the property in great need of repairs and restoration, “You have got to be kidding me”, but he wasn’t. He had a vision and saw the potential. Needless to say we purchased the property in 1997, unable to get a loan or financing on the property because of the its condition. Our family thought we were crazy and our daughters were crying saying it looks just like “Green Acres.” We had to admit they were right.  Our home has evolved after much blood, sweat and tears (literally). Today we have a home we all love and is very dear to our hearts. We are happy to share the home we love with you and your loved ones.
The Clagg’s